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Her Eyes Weren’t Watching God: The Empathetic Secular Vision of Octavia Butler

By Christian Coleman Reveling in science fiction/fantasy for an openness she saw lacking in other genres, Octavia E. Butler gave us gene-trading extraterrestrials, psionically powered mutants, a ge... [read more]

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Two Books Selected for 2017-2018 UUA Common Read Beacon Broadside: A Project of Beacon Press Pride and Criminalized Queers

By Kay Whitlock Here’s a thought I keep coming back to during this tradition month of Pride celebrations (and protests by some LGBTQ folks against the growing corporate influence and welcomin... [read more]

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Five Myths About Muslims and Mental Illness

By Haroon Moghul Ever notice how, when a disturbed young Muslim commits an act of violence, it’s immediately blamed on his religion—but when a disturbed white and non-Muslim man commits an act ... [read more]

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Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Where Do We Go from Here” Turns 50

This month, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ’s Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? turns fifty.   King’s acute analysis of American race relations couldn’t be more prophetic. Written i... [read more]

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The Price of Glitter

By Rev. Elizabeth M. Edman People are going about their business with big, black smudges on their foreheads. My queer lens kicks in: “They’ve come out of the closet—as Christian. ” Then t... [read more]

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