Sunday, 31 January 2016, 02:07 am PST


Trying to work with an open heart chakra

Sometimes when I’m on my way to work a song or news event will open me up. I’ll start feeling things. I’ll feel connected to the universe and ready to interact with it in a whole ... [read more]

Glee Unitarian Quote

Yeah, we’re being mocked, but sometimes I feel like it’s better to be mocked than to be invisible altogether. “…making it the zoo’s first unitarian wedding in over six... [read more]

DiscoverUU offline for a few days

Sorry! I’m in need of a webmaster (and a little bit of cash) to keep this thing going. I’ve been in grad school and it’s taken a toll on my mental, physical, and financial health ... [read more]

My favorite summer sermon podcast so far

Vacation Bible School: PG13 by one of my favorite all-time UU ministers, Tennessee Valley’s Rev. Chris Buice. I’ve never met Rev. Buice, but would really like to some day. I was a fan o... [read more]

Surfing for top UU podcasts- taking recommendations!

I’ve got another temp work job doing data entry. I have time to listen to UU blogs. Please send me your recommendations! My long time favorite is TVUUC’s Rev Chris Buice. [Go to bottom ... [read more]

Introducing New UU Minister Blog: Rev. Cyn

Introducing a new UU Minister blog by Rev. Cyntha Landrm http://revcyn. blogspot. com Please check it out. Some nice thoughts from a UU Minister serving a congregation in East Liberty, Michigan, on... [read more]

Guest Blog Post: Alan G. Greer, “Can We Befriend God?”

Over the past several months I’ve been on a virtual book tour appearing on radio talk shows across the country, speaking before church and civic groups, and doing readings at a book fair and book... [read more]

Universal Health Care Theatre

I’ve updated Discover UU. com. It was long past time to take down the UU Presidential Election section. Unfortunately, there are many things that have been happening which have fallen by the ... [read more]